Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hurray for Lundqvist!

OK, now I'm excited. This is third game in a row at home that the Rangers won by a score of four to nothing. Today's game was especially exciting as the Ranger's beat the defending Stanley Cup Champion Carolina Thrashers. Jagr had two goals and even Marcel Hossa got a goal (his first). Brendan Shanahan scored the fourth goal. Most exciting was goalie Hendrick Lundqvist's shut out. He saved 34 goals, including one set of three direct shots in under two seconds. This was his first shutout of the year.

I tried the sausage again today, as I could not find a foot long hot dog and Blimpie had run out of turkey. It still stinks as much as it did one month ago. The Heineken on tap is quite good, and worth the extra dollar over the Budweiser.

You can see the official rundown here.

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