Monday, November 20, 2006

BLT Burger: Bring the Kids if You Are in the Neighborhood

The lovely wife and I were downtown tonight and decided to try BLT Burger, which recently opened on 6th Avenue between 11th and 12th Streets. It is the little cousin of the way fancier BLT Fish, BLT Prime and BLT Steak: BLT stands for Bistro Laurant Tourondel. Although they sell salads, wings and Chili, the main event here are burgers. You can get regular burgers, the double sized and special sauced "BLT Burger" and, if you are either rich or stupid (realistically you need to be both) a Kobe beef burger. The place is noisy but pleasant and the service we had was great.

The burgers are good, although I am paying the price for eating the "BLT Burger" as I type this one hour later. They stick a little colored cow on top so you know the doneness, just like Peter Luger's! BLT Burger sells both shoestring and waffle fries: we went for the shoestrings which are good, but not worth a journey. The onion rings are greasy and not crispy and clearly need some work. They have a large shake selection but we chose beer instead. They have an excellent beer list and had five different draft beers. We had cherry pie for dessert which the lovely wife thought was quite tasty and not too sweet.

The final review: Excellent burgers and good fries. The lovely wife and I would definitely return here with the kids if we were in the neighborhood but would not run back if we were with another couple unless we needed someplace to eat quickly before a movie.

BLT Burger: 212-243-8226

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