Monday, November 06, 2006

Jesus H. Christ Rocks 2

Ok, I know what you're saying: MM is a nice Jewish boy originally from Great Neck; a Yeshiva graduate no less. Well I host Porkfest, too. And, anyway, we are not talking about that Jesus H. Christ but rather Jesus H. Christ and The Four Hornsmen of the Apocolypse, which I saw with the lovely wife and others at The Living Room on the Lower East Side last night. In a nutshell, they were great. How could you not love the band that summarized what all of us actually think about Connecticut? Their live performance was as good as their album, which, of course, you should buy. For those with no patience, you can also get it on iTunes. Thanks to the lovely wife, I now own a copyof the CD actually autographed by Risa Mickenberg and I am way to excited about this for my own good. The band has its own MySpace site too. You can listen to some of their songs on My Space for free, which, as someone who is sooo 1990's, was pretty cool.


lisa said...

Alas, there was no food at the 4 Horsemen show except some dried leftovers from the buffet of a previous party and it was smelly. As a jewish woman in her -shall we say prime of life - my favorite song was the pathetic song which is not on this cd so it must be new.

lisa said...

That said, they were GREAT! We love them.

Ira.B said...

As someone who loves to Google himself, I was pleased by this latest title. Lovely wife and I ate at a terrible Mexican Restaraunt on Ludlow Street whose name I could not remember Monday morning. On the plus side, the beer was cheap.