Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ranger's Look Great and Korean Food Pre-Game is Great, Too

First of all, I would like to congratulate Jaromir Jagr, the Captain of the New York Rangers, for scoring his 600th career goal tonight. It was a great thing to witness, especially as Brendan Shanahan shot his 600th earlier this year. Also, the Rangers kicked Tampa Bay butt and easily won 4-1. After yesterdays fiasco in Pittsburgh, its good to see the Rangers over 500 and nipping at the heels of the Devil's.

But before the game, there was the Korean food. It would have been better after the game, but we brought the kids. After our failed adventure with Korean food two weeks ago, the lovely wife and I arranged to meet everyone at Kang Suh, a restaraunt first introduced to us by our friends now in London. Kang Suh is on 32nd Street, east of Broadway. It is a multilevel restaraunt that also has nice private rooms for moderate sized groups. This was a great thing tonight, as we had dinner with two other Ranger Fan Families (total: 5 adults, 5 kids). The service at Kang Suh can be bit choppy when they are busy (which is most of the time), but the lovely wife was able to push them along so we made it in time for the opening faceoff.

Kang Suh has excellent marinated shortribs. They are marinated in a traditional sweet, soy based sauce, but they are cut thicker than the beef shortribs I have had at other Korean restaraunts. The meat is of good quality, and grills well. The kids like the chicken, which is great for them, but I would not have it with all excellent alternatives available on the bar-b-que menu. The marinated pork is very tasty. We tried the brisket (pictured), which tastes more like cheese steak beef than anything else. This has been true for several Korean Bar-b-que's I have eaten at, so I think I will stop trying while I'm ahead. Kang Suh has excellent and varied Kim Chee, which is different every time you go. They have reasonable prices for beer. I whole heartedly recommend it for before or after games at Madison Square Garden.

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