Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Beware CDN Candy Thermometer

As you are all aware, I have been on a candy craze recently (soon, taffy). I had purchased a CDN NSF "Proline" thermometer to use as a candy thermometer. It promises to be waterproof, shatterproof, etc. etc. Well, I never dropped it, but it sure does leak. I have contacted the company to see if they live up to their five year warranty. In the meantime, I have bought a simple "bulb" candy thermometer (it sort of looks like you could use it on a elephant if it had a fever and if you were real careful). I saw a beautiful dial model from OXO, but it stated that you needed 2 1/2" of liquid in the bottom of the pot for an accurate read, which is not always practical when making candy.


daniel said...

As a candy EATING fanatic, and an avid fan of MALE MARTHA, I sense there's more to this story than has been described. Have you, or have you not, become frustrated with, (um, perhaps "brittle with" is more accurate) , someone's inability to keep the candy temperature within the required narrow thresholds?? And if true, shouldnt there be some candy thermometer that helps you know (audio warning perhaps) when you are getting too hot to fast or over or under-doing it?

Ira.B said...

Unfortunately, there is nothing more to this story than my anger a candy company. PS, they have NOT responded to my emails, and I am feeling quite vindictive. And yes, I would love a cool gadgety candy thermometer!