Thursday, December 14, 2006

Great and Cheap Steam and Eat Dumplings

The lovely wife gets full credit for this find. Since she works near Chinatown, she has ample opportunity to find some of the coolest food items in New York... and she delivers. The dumplings you see are frozen. This is done partly because we ate all of the cooked ones before I could get a picture in and also to demonstrate visually how a dumpling can go from frozen solid to lucisious lump in several minutes of steaming. The dumplings are from Yi Ding Hao Dumpling, which is located at 143 Division Street, New York, NY 10002 (telephone 212-608-3881 or 917-755-8699). The place is tiny, yet clean. There are two women there working furiously making dumplings. They are sold frozen by the 50 count. This may seem like a lot until you learn that the lovely wife bought 50 pork and 50 vegetable dumplings for $16.00! They steam easily, and both were extremely tasty. They come frozen, and seem to last a while if they stay that way. Encourage my lovely wife to bring more treats home from the exotic Lower East Side!


daniel said...

Good and thoughtful wife of Male Martha, listen to your husband.
How he suffers!
-Partners in suffering,
"Digital Dan"

Ira.B said...

Thank you Daniel,
We all do.

badMDoutter said...

Can your wife pick up some dumplings for me? Why is he called "digital dan"? Is he a proctologist? Happy jzb day.

Ira.B said...

Actually, Dan is entirely digital and has no analog parts at all. I never thought about the proctology part of digital (which sort of embarrasses me) but, in this case, no.