Friday, December 08, 2006

Beware Chevre Du Poitou

Not all cheese is good, and I feel the world needs to know this. Also, I was to lazy to make anything tonight except peanut butter cookies (note to self, do not make my peanut butter cookie recipe and try to save time with a food processor, as it kills the dough). The lovely wife and I enjoy eating cheese, crackers and wine for dinner on some lazy nights, and this was one of them. We tried Chevre Du Poitu, which is a rinded soft chevre cheese that looks similar to Camembert. It comes as a 180 gram wheel in its own pretty wooden box. Looks can be deceiving. The cheese tastes like old mouldy socks, and not the tasty kind. Its a little rubbery. It has a bitter after taste which lingers for quite some time. One on line sales sight recommended drinking it with a sweet wine such as a Sauternes, but it really should only be tasted with ripple. I shall keep hunting for a tasty rinded brie!

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