Sunday, December 10, 2006

Don't Boil Molasses when Making Candy

Not quite that bad, but close. I was attempting to make an almond brittle with a salty, smoky taste and I decided to try to add molasses to the sugar and even to corn syrup and sugar mix. The results, after severak attempts, are painful to look at and even worse to clean up. At about 250 degrees or so, the mix, even with only a small amount of molasses, started to boil over and foam. Interestingly, this did not happen when I used maple syrup in a similar way. Adding a small amount of molasses after heating the sugar does work, and you still get a hard, tasty candy. More on this later. I tried to research why molasses foams so much when heated above this temperature but no one seems to have tried. In traditional "Internet echo syndrome" everyone repeats the same ancient "molasses candy" recipe which conveniently does not give a temperature to heat the molasses to but rather says to "boil it" etc. One recipe did give a temperature, but my candy was already boiling to a foamy mess at the 260 degrees they recommended for their recipe. At 290 or so (the softball stage) it was burnt.

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