Sunday, January 14, 2007

Slider-riffic! (in New Jersey!)

Its not only London and Paris that MM gets to travel to. Hockey calls, and we get to go to exciting places like the Englewood and Leonia, in the heart of Northern New Jersey. Before feeling sorry for me for getting stuck on route 4, route 46, I-80 and who knows what else for 4 hours trying to get back to the George Washington Bridge, realize that while I was looking at some other guys SUV hatchback, I was full. And that fullness is thanks to White Manna, a postage stamp sized slider place in Hackensack, New Jersey (201-342-0914). There is a 10 seat counter around the griddle and two 6 seat back counters. We have been there twice, and the place is always packed. Having said that, we were able to quickly sit down both times and got in and out in a reasonable amount of time.

The sliders, small hamburgers that are similar in size (but nothing else) to a White Castle, are made on a small griddle right in front of you. They are made out of actual hamburger meat, and not pre-formed patties. When you order them you ask for how many cheeseburgers ($1.05) and hamburgers($0.95) you want, and whether you want them cooked with onions (unless you are a kid you do). 3 burgers will easily fill a kid, four or five an adult. They also serve double burgers (no need), shakes (good), unsweetened iced tea (surprisingly good), and french fries (ok). As an added bonus, the rolls are Martin's potato rolls, the same brand we try to get for Porkfest. If your travels bring you to Northern New Jersey, this is the place to drown your sorrows at the traffic back to where ever you are going.


Jacky1220 said...
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Ira.B said...

I must be hitting the big time. I got my first spam comment! It asked if you wanted a date with "rad Pitt" or "ennifer Anniston." Sweet.