Friday, February 23, 2007

Ranger Lose to Devils in Overtime, Emotionally Exhaust Me

The weird thing is, despite the fact that the Rangers stink at home, they are really only four points away from the last playoff spot. Having said that, yesterday's overtime loss to the Devils was exhausting because it made you feel that there was no chance that the Rangers could get their game up for the last twenty games of the season. The reason for that is that the Rangers actually played well last night, with an exciting goal by Hossa (who has been on a tear the past few games) and Prucha, who is playing much better than at the beginning of the season. Lundqvist played an excellent game, only allowing two goals. But two each makes a tie, and that leads to overtime.

Overtime began with a terrible, I mean controversial, tripping call against Jagr. The Rangers were lucky to make it to the shootout. And since the shootout is a bit of a crapshoot at the NHL level, and the Rangers luck being what it is, the winning goal bounced against Lundqvist and into the goal. And the puck that would score the goal that would have allowed the Rangers to continue the shootout hit the crossbar and bounced harmlessly onto the ice. A team that will need a few breaks to make the Playoffs appears incapable of getting them.

On the lighter side, we were a bit late for the game, and decided, at the advice of boy #1 and boy #2 to eat Subway for dinner. Although I can still taste my "pastrami" this morning, it was fast and definitely looked better than any of the other offerings below Penn Station. The moral of this is: "don't eat below Penn Station."

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