Friday, February 23, 2007

Symposium Greek Restaurant in Morningside Heights

When I was in college there was this Greek restaurant near campus that had funky, handwritten illustrated menus, lots of beer and pretty good Greek food. Now that we have friends living up in Columbia Land (cause they own New York!) I get to relive this by eating at Symposium Restaurant (344 W 113th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam: telephone 212 865-1011).

Even if the food was terrible (its actually good if you choose right), Symposium is a fun place to go to. The sangria, although it tastes a bit like fortified wine with fruit, grows on you. There is also a bar and beer selection. The place is an a long narrow space, with one long common table in the center and normal tables on each side. The staff is friendly, and they're good with a large crowd (call though!).

Besides the flaming cheese pictured, which is good and salty, all of the traditional Greek appetizers are good. We often get the mixed plate, which includes a little bit of everything. My particular favorites are the skordalia (potatoes) and the taramosalata (fishroe dip), another in a long list of foods that I like that I enjoy without thinking to hard about what it really is.

The classics are the best main course. I would avoid all of the various spaghetti dishes and go for the moussaka, gyro, souvlaki (I like the combo best of all), pastitsio(ground beef and macaroni) and lamb dishes. Save the fancy dishes, liver and fish for some other place. If I had ever eaten of vegetarian dish, I would tell you which one to eat, but, well, no I didn't, so forget it.

Symposium. A great reason to go back to college.


Robin said...

Symposium is a charming and homey neighborhood restaurant. The staff is friendly and accomodating. Now if they could just make the food a little better.

Ira.B said...

That's why you drink the over sweet sangria...