Friday, February 16, 2007

Trophy Gold Basmati Rice is Worth Looking For

I made jambalaya last night: it had no flavor. I will try again in the future. However, my inadequate use of spices led me to another revelation: the 10 pound bag of basmati rice that I bought because I thought it looked cool contains superior rice. Even without adequate soaking and cleaning, Trophy Gold brand basmati rice, from India, had excellent flavor and texture. Its not fair to compare it the very expensive "Texmati" brand that I had been using: after having Trophy Gold you realize how mealy and soft Texmati is. If the rice were available in New York City Sizes (2 pounds, say), it would be an absolute no brainer. As is, I'm happy with my large, zippable, bag of rice.

Trophy Gold does not have a website, but it does have email: basmati (at) It was not on the Fresh Direct web site, but is available at Zabar's. I will try to email them and see where else it is available.

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gabi2font2 said...

HOW FUNNY - I bought this 10lb sack of rice at Kroger's in Houston for $1.99 the sack. When I got home and tired it and realized how faboulous it was, i went back to the store to find that they sold out. Thanks for the info that it is not just the rice itself but the particular brand. Good luck in your search and wish me luck in mine!