Thursday, February 15, 2007

Party at Bowlmor Lanes, New York City!

We were clearly the oldest people at Bowlmor Lanes on Saturday night. I felt like the guy people would point to when some guy screamed "Don't trust anyone over 30, man." Once you got through the initial shock of your lost youth, the place is actually kind of fun. There's plenty of 80's music, beer and glow in the dark bowling. The Knicks were on large projection TVs right above the pins. And while the chicken wings were inedible, the beer is quite tasty and cold.

We were there for one of those end with a zero birthday parties for a friend of ours. We had eaten beforehand and we were ready to bowl! OK, I wasn't, but our friends sure were. I think the birthday boy rolled three or four strikes in a row at least one time. I got a spare, and it was a beauty!

If you can get past the fact that the average bowler on a Saturday night is closer to 25 than 40, Bowlmor is a great place to start or end a party. Everyone likes bowling, in small doses, particularly if the children are not around to embarrass you. I think its better to go after you eat, as all the food available, not just the wings, is pretty terrible all around. There are numerous party packages available on their website. You can start the booking process online, but it appears you will have to have some human interaction prior to showing up. If you like drinking, they have a variety of open bar options. I found that Amstel improved my scores, or at least my perceptions of how good bowling a "3" in a frame was. And I walked out thinking of those great musical lines of the eighties: "don't you want me baby! don't you want me, oh, oh." Good times. Good times.

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