Saturday, March 03, 2007

5 Minute Bok Choy : Quick and Easy

The lovely wife works in Chinatown, which has its advantages, the main one being access to all kinds of great stuff to eat and cook. Last week, she went to the market and bought bok choy, but, because you often have to seperate the leaves and stems so it cooks evenly, its a bit of a pain to prepare. However, if you can find smaller bok choy, with smaller stems, you can get around this problem. In that case, just slice of the base, and cook the leaf stem combinations. What follows is a very simple recipe to do this. The proportions may be a bit off: I would wing adding the sesame oil and soy sauce at the end.


10 to 15 small bok choy, with base cut off and well washed
5 chopped cloves garlic
canola or peanut oil

Soy Sauce and Sesame oil (about 1 part sesame to two parts soy but very subjective)




Heat the wok and add oil. Add the garlic and toss around in oil. When it just starts to turn brown, about one minute, add the bok choy. Saute furiously, until leaves wilt and stalks are mostly soft. Stirring will help remove moisture. Turn off heat and add sesame oil (about 1 1/2 tablespoons or so) and then soy sauce to taste (2 teaspoon or so). Remove with slotted spoon and add some liquid from bottom of wok back to serving bowl. Serve immediately.


Robin said...

Sounds and looks delish, will try asap

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