Sunday, March 04, 2007

BRGR: OK Even Without Vowels,but NT WRTH TH JRNY

I liked eating at BRGR, which is a 3 month old burger joint with an interior designed by David Rockwell on 7th Avenue, between 26th and 27th Street. The place has a kitchy, open look, and it was a much more pleasant eating experience than a normal fast food place. I even liked it better than BLT Burger, if only because I got in and out faster. Part of this is due to the fact that we ate at BRGR early on a Sunday night. As we were finishing off, we saw a rather long line developing. Other bloggers (see below for links) have reported long waits to get their food, and I see how this could be possible.
The menu is easy. You get three choices of burgers: beef, turkey or veggie. So clearly there is only one choice. You can choose single, double or triple. And you can choose either their idea of toppings or create your own. For a price. A rather steep price for a place that has a similar ordering system to Sizzler. In addition to the burgers you can get french fries (good), sweet potato fries (mistake), or onion hay (bit of a mistake, but has its place). They also sell shakes (excellent), homemade lemonade (also excellent), wine and beer. There are cookies as well. For little kids, there is a $5.00 kids meal, but even boy #2 (7 years old) came close to finishing off his burger.

The burgers are good, but not great. They have an excellent flavor, but are a little dense for my tastes. The buns were a bit stale, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt that it was Sunday night.

The nicest thing about BRGR is sitting there. Although you pay for David Rockwell, its not like you're enjoying him for free at a more upscale place. And there's something to be said for a nice sit. Even if it costs twice what McDonald's does. Anyway, the shakes blow the ones at the Shake Shack away. If you are near FIT and hungry, think BRGR.

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labkid32 said...

actually looks really good - even the onion hay or whatever you call it ... and a shake ... I could do with one right now ... but it is 3:42a ... what's a gal to do?

Let's go soon

Ira.B said...

Big Nicks. They might even deliver to you.