Monday, March 19, 2007

Rangers Beat Penguins: I Need CPR

This one one of the most exciting hockey games I have ever gone to, and, to be honest, I couldn't really see the winning goal. Because of this mystery goal the Rangers are now in seventh place, could pick up sixth place if they beat the hated (and lowly) Flyers Wednesday and appear to be getting hot at just the right time of year. Last year, the team began to fall apart at this time, signaling their hasty exit from the playoffs at the hands of the Devils.

But I am getting ahead of myself. Tonights game started out as a scoreless, penalty free first period. After perhaps the least wait ever for french fries and a chicken sandwich from Ranch #1 (still the best food at the Garden, which isn't saying much), the second period started out with a bang, in the form of penalties on the Penguins. Many of them, in fact. However, as is typical with the Rangers, the multitude of 5 on 4's led to no actual goals.

Blair Betts scored the first goal at the beginning of the third period, with an assist from Dan Girardi. With less than 6 minutes in the game, Penguins center Michel Ouellet managed to get one past Lundqvist. However, in a bizzare twist, a centering pass by Jagr with 36 seconds left was deflected in by Rob Scuderi, the Pittsburgh defender, and knocked into the goal. After a review of the play, the goal stood, and the Rangers went on to win 2-1.

And there was much rejoicing.

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