Monday, March 19, 2007

Things I Must Try: Deep Fry Everything!

I have eaten deep fried Snicker's bars and found them not very appealing. Having said that, I was amazed when I looked at "A Hamburger Today" this afternoon and saw a link to the lad magazine FHM. Although usually associated with scantily clad women, FHM has a cooking section as well. In this months issue, they deep fry a variety of foods: including
  1. Gummi worms
  2. Hard boiled eggs
  3. White Castle
  4. Microwavable Pizza
  5. Cookie Dough
I am inspired. Soon, we will try this ourselves (I need to buy lots of oil and a fire extinguisher first).

Please feel free to post anything you think we should try to fry at "Fryfest 2007."

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