Friday, March 16, 2007

Rangers Lose to Thrashers: Some Hope Gone

There was good news tonight: despite the injury to Rachunek, the defense looked good for most of the game. Sean Avery scored a goal and continues to look like a great acquisition. The Rangers didn't look quite as inept on the power play as they have in recent games. Having said that, its not like they actually scored a goal on those power plays. And when Avery had a cheap (but unfortunately, real) penalty called on him during overtime, the Thrashers won on a goal by their veteran defense man Alexei Zhitnik. Game over. Again. Hopefully, the Rangers will be able to get two points against Boston tomorrow.

One thing about the hockey that you don't see on TV is how the ice is cleaned during commercial breaks. When the Rangers play at the Garden, a bunch of strong looking young men on hockey skates, often accompanied by a boy who plays hockey in the area, use a bucket and shovel to clean up ice shavings. In Atlanta, well, they use a different demographic, as evidenced by these pictures. It appears that the Thrashers will do whatever is necessary to make sure that the South will rise again!

Finally, it was fun to watch the game with the parents and coaches of boy 1 and boy 2's hockey team. It didn't make the pain of a Rangers loss any easier, but misery had a great time with all the company.

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