Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yolato on The Upper West Side: Don't Waste Your Calories

Chalk. This was the word the lovely wife used to describe the frozen soft serve yogurt at the new Yolato store that opened on Broadway between 82nd and 83rd Street. I agree with this assessment, especially after eating Pinkberry, which proved to me that not too sweet frozen yogurt can actually taste good. I admit I did not try any of the gelato flavors that they offer, but I was only interested in the plain, soft serve yogurt. Even though they list the calorie information on all of their gelato flavors, if I want something that looks like ice cream, I will suck it up and actually eat ice cream.

You can get multiple toppings like fruit and sugared cereal on the yogurt. But you'll beeating those toppings on chalk.

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