Friday, March 30, 2007

Saint George, Utah: Can't Eat Out Here

I'm actually in Vegas as I write this. Vegas, baby! Actually, its sort of gross. But back to more important subjects, in this case decent Mexican food in Saint George, Utah. As previously noted, St. George has no shortage of chains, franchises and gas station convenience emporiums. Eating out was a problem however. The one decent restaurant that we ate at was called Cafe Rio. They are a local chain of Mexican restaurants. You wait in line, order your typical Mexican dish, pay, and sit down. The restaurant itself is attractive, and the food was clearly the best we had. They have multiple locations throughout Utah, including ski areas (our exercise-o-phillic friends were very excited to find out they were opening in Ogden Utah). All other Mexican restaurants in the area should be avoided like disease.

One discovery we made in Utah was cheap Mexican spices. Available at 3 Amigos, and made in Los Angeles, Tampico brand spices included both regular spices such as basil and thyme as well as combinations such as taco mix (pictured and excellent) and tamale seasoning. I have seen inexpenive bagged spices in Indian markets, but not Mexican ones. If anyone has seen them in New York, drop me a line.

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