Sunday, April 01, 2007

Nielsen Frozen Custard: Finally Something to Eat in Saint George, UT

I'm actually back in New York as I write this, but I couldn't leave Utah without mentioning the one truly excellent place we ate: Nielsen Frozen Custard. Nielsen's sells true frozen custard, the thickest "soft" ice cream you will ever eat. Available in both vanilla and chocolate (daring in this part of the country), Nielsen is justifiably famous for its "concrete:" a mix in of their custard and things such as Oreos. They also sell pints and quarts of their custard to go. Like everything else in this part of the country, Nielsen is a chain, albeit a small one. We were told by the manager that the one in St. George is their second store. They also have locations in Salt Lake City, Henderson, NV and other places. No web site though.


Robin said...

I agree, the vanilla was sublime. Try it with the hot fudge. The manager told us the company that originally made them their hot fudge merged with a lesser competitor, but they talked the new folks into making the old recipe just for them.

Ira.B said...

Trust me, there is no one else we met in St. George who would fight for Hot Fudge!!!!