Sunday, March 25, 2007

You Can Eat between Los Vegas and Utah

Greetings from St. George, Utah. We arrived yesterday in Los Vegas on Jet Blue (no delays at all), rented a car, and immediately headed out North on I15 to Utah. Although it initially felt good to get out of the airplane, get out of the luggage check and get out of the car rental place, it soon became apparent that four hours of eating blue Terra Chips left us all a bit hungry and cranky. We were passing by the Strip when this realization occurred but I made foolishly thought that we would soon hit some exurbia and we could all take a pit stop. Before we knew it we were four Manhattanites driving through the dessert. Four very hungry Manhattanites. And so, when I saw the large sign that said "Fireworks" up in the distance I knew it was telling me to stop.

The Moapa Paiute Travel plaza is located on I75, 60 miles from Los Vegas. Although they clearly advertise their casino, liquor and their vast collection of fireworks, they have a reasonably well stocked truck stop, some Native American souvenirs and what turned out to be a pretty decent restaurant. We had the beef tacos and the carnitas tacos, both of which were passable. They give you the meat and the tortilla, and you get to top it with vegetables, salsa etc. from their salad bar. The boys each ate hamburgers, which were passable, and we had an appetizer plate, which had surprisingly good fried chicken breasts.

There is a little jerky stand outside the main building. Jerky was made by "Tony's" and also Montana brand. You can try before you buy ($7 for a four ounce bag). The Tony's jerky was particularly flavorful. We preferred the Teriyaki over the original, and they have a spicy-sweet flavor that is useful for "guts" contests.

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Map of
Moapa Paiute Travel Plaza
Ih 15 Exit 75
Moapa NV


labkid32 said...

I am headed to Vegas for a few days in May for a convention (blech) - is it worth the trip off the lovely strip - or out of the hotel? G

Lisa said...

JERKY AND FIREWORKS are you just trying to make us jealous? Tell us the truth how many of each do you have stashed in your bag?

Ira.B said...

its clearly not worth driving 60 miles to get to the reservation if you're on the strip. Drive one mile and eat at the all you can eat.

none. lovely wife wouldn't let me ;) although there was a "tryout" area near the parking lot. have fun