Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rangers Lose Game 1 to Buffalo in Semifinals

Depressing games are less depressing on TV. When you team starts to look like its getting creamed, there is always the allure of the fridge, the warm fuzzy glow of the monitor, and, if you are boys 1 and 2, the other TV and Simpsons on the DVR. There's plenty of space, and its easy to get up and take a breath. Having said that, this game was depressing. After a scoreless first period, the Rangers collapsed in the second. Beset by penalties the whole game, Thomas Vanek of Buffalo managed to score first on yet another Buffalo Power Play. He would score two goals during the period. Other goals would be scored by Kotalik, Pominville and Stafford (empty net). Meanwhile, the Rangers only managed to score twice, by Hossa and Shanahan. Both goals were quite pretty, but the real issue was the seeming unstop ability of Ryan Miller, the Sabre's excellent goalie.

My fervent hope is that the Rangers had a rough two periods against an excellent team after their cakewalk against Atlanta, and that their improving performance in the final period bodes well for the team on Friday.

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nyer2londonhusband said...

Watched the game part live, part taped. They looked good in the first period despite the penalties. Clearly, if you give a good team too many power plays, they are going to score.