Thursday, April 26, 2007

Matsu Sushi: Great West 80's Sushi

You can't always go to Nobu. Actually, if you're me, you can rarely go to Nobu. But I still hanker for sushi. Although I often eat at Tenzen after movies in the sixties, I live and work in the eighties and am always looking for good sushi to eat in and take out. Recently my favorite has been Matsu, at 483 Columbus Avenue (83rd and Columbus: (212) 799-7922). Matsu has great sushi at lunch and dinner.

One thing I like about the place is its consistency. Although no particular dish or fish stands out, there is an overall excellent consistency to the fish offered. They also have a really good sushi-sashimi for two (pictured). Having said that, the yellow tail is usually quite good, as are the rolls. My office staff, many of whom don't like sushi, get the various chicken dishes, all of which they seem to like. And Boy 1 is a fan of the Bento box, which allows you to eat a little bit of everything.

So if you're in the eighties, think Matsu. It is certainly much better than the other sushi places within easy walking distance of my apartment, and in fact holds its own against many others. Delivery is usually fast, too.


Lisa said...

excuse me but where is the credit due to your Matsu going neighbors who won't be able to quietly get a seat whenever I want.

Ira.B said...

i've seen my readership numbers. You'll still be able to sit by the bathroom.


Zoe said...

ummm hello some credit to the dubnos? we are the official matsu fan club, who knows all of the typos in the menu

Ira.B said...

ok. all hail dubno.