Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dry Sausage in East Hampton Italian Classic

The lovely wife, boy 1, boy 2 and I spent the weekend in East Hampton with the Lovely Wife's Sister and Brother in Law. Besides fishing (on the Persuader, captained by the able and informative Captain Jim Krug (see post above), we ate well as my brother in law can really cook! I am going to try out his leek recipe and see if I can replicate it. However, by this afternoon, we were all sort of beat and wanted a quick easy meal. We picked up this meal at Villa Italian Specialties (7 Railroad Ave., East Hampton, NY, 631-324-5110).

Villa Italian was for many years owned by the Naclerio family, which sold it to the group that owns, among others, Nick and Toni's. Having said that, the place still has the look and feel of a traditional Italian appetizing store. We bought the Village Combo, their classic sandwich of ham, salami, pepper ham, provolone, lettuce, tomato, peppers, and dressing. This is a really tasty sandwich. The boys had chicken parmesan sandwiches, which were also quite tasty. I tried stuffed peppers, which were good. There is a large collection of fresh sausages, which my sister in law tells me are quite good.

Although the place is worth going to for the sandwiches, the thing that caught my eye were the handmade dried sausage. They have both sweet and hot sopresata / sopraseta. Although these are not made on the premesis, and therefore may be of variable quality, I decided to try a hot sopresata. The sausage has a pleasantly mildly moldy natural casing, and was not "too dry." The sausage was a bit rubbery, but way better than any processed sausage brand. It is a definite repeat for dry sausage if you are in East Hampton.

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