Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lasagna Noodles: Update

I went out with the lovely wife and friends tonight for dinner to Cara Cas (more on this next post). One of our friends told me that she had read my last post on using fresh or parboiled lasagna and had a further trick. She uses regular noodles, but doesn't boil them! Instead she puts a bit of liquid at the bottom of the tray, and cooks it covered for while. This allows the lasagna goodness to cook right into the noodles. She then uncovers the lasagna to reduce the liquid. Thanks!

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CindyH said...

The Barefoot Contessa has basically the same idea in her excellent turkey sausage lasagna recipe that's in the Barefoot Family Style Cookbook. She says to soak lasagne noodles in a bowl of hot water for 20 minutes. The noodles are not too soft to handle, which makes for easy layering in the lasagna recipe. It works great every time.