Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lasagna Noodles: Use Fresh or Parboiled

I am not going to tell anyone how to make lasagna, since I regularly vary my recipe based on what I have in the house. In fact, other than using good ingredients, pretty much anything will work for this most perfect of dishes. Having said that, I have one tip: the noodle. Lasagna noodles come in three varieties: fresh, dry and parboiled. I prefer either fresh or parboiled as they do not need to be boiled prior to use. This cuts a particularly noxious step out of the cooking process and makes preparation of whatever type of lasagna you like easy. I myself prefer the traditional with meat and cheese. I have tried a variety of fresh sheets and find the thinner ones tend to be better. Thicker sheets will have raw spots if they are not exposed to a wet area during cooking.

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