Monday, May 14, 2007

Red Wine With Salami: Nah!

I am obesessed with dried sausage. I am just to lazy to seek it out. So, every time I see a new brand in a store I buy it, in the hopes that somehow I will find ambrosia in an intestinal casing. The latest salami to cross my knife is Giovanni Volpi and Companies "Chianti" brand. Packed in paper, the salami looks like a fresh salami. My new lesson on trying this turkey is don't judge a book by its cover or a sausage by its outer casing. Its whats inside that counts.

Inside, the salami is sealed in plastic. When you cut through this layer, there is a somewhat difficult to remove plastic casing holding the meat together. And, although there is a distinct chemical taste to the salami, there is no evidence of Chianti, or any other wine for that matter. No wine smell. Nothing. I kept thinking it was me in my dislocated shoulder splendor, but in fact Ian Knauer at Epicurious agrees with me. And he is right.

So the hunt continues for a decent salami thats available from more than one vendor. So far, the leaders are Soprasata Veneta (an easy first) and the extremely expensive Fra'mani . I will continue to report on the losers. But somewhere out there there is a champion!

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Anonymous said...

I guess I am not a judge of good salami because I also purchased this salami and though it was very good.