Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Grilled Versus Griddled Burgers

Since I bought my two sided indoor grill, I have been wondering whether the grill or griddle side would be better for cooking burgers, which are a staple in the MM household. Because we have been out at Fire Island on weekends, I have not had a chance to try out the indoor grill with hamburger meat until tonight.

I used hand formed patties from chuck which I bought at Ottomanelli's. Each patty was about four ounces and was indented a bit in the center with my finger so it would cook flat. The grill was preheated, the patties were salted and cooking began.

Although it is actually smokier to grill burgers than griddle them (see photo), they are somewhat easier to cook to the preferred doneness and, of course, have attractive griddle marks. The cast iron grill gets so hot that I would avoid cooking very thick patties on it unless I turned the heat down or had no problems with a cold center (which I DO NOT recommend for burgers) . Having said that, there really was a whole lot of smoke, and I have a pretty good fan on my stove and vent outside. I would not indoor stove top burger grilling unless you have good ventilation. If I didn't have great ventilation I would use the broiler or a regular griddle (which cooks faster because more surface area is exposed to the hot metal).

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