Monday, July 30, 2007

Changes on Broadway

Ah, the Upper West Side. Home to Zabar's. Citarella. Fairway. Ouest and Per Se. And banks. Lots and lots of them. Multiplying like rabbits. On 85th Street and Broadway, where the Time Cafe used to be, a Wachovia is opening. I never even heard of Wachovia; I hope they will give me a toaster. Its not that I loved the Time Cafe (although Fez could be fun), but there are already 15 banks within 5 blocks of my house. Although maybe Wachovia is better.

In other notable retail news, the Gap Kids store on 83rd and Broadway is now out. Not that I was a frequent shopper, and, in all honesty, the Gap was sort of one step above a bank, but I will not be a happy camper if yet another bank moves in.

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