Monday, July 30, 2007

Ferrarini Salame Nostranino

I would like to thank our friends from London for yet another salame: Ferrarini's Salame Nostranino. What is amazing to me about this salami is that it was purchased in the duty free shop in Milan. When I looked at their website, I realized that Ferrarini is a large Italian conglomerate (with a poorly translated, yet amusing website). So its pretty cool that airport salami from a major Italian conglomerate is actually really good!

The salami is in a natural casing, which is covred in mold. The salami consists of large pieces of pork and fat, as well as whole peppercorns. In the Tuscan style, the salami is not acidic.

Ferrarini has an office in the midwest somewhere (based on their map). I emailed them to see if they had any products available in the US.

The bottom line: airport grub in Italy is better than much of the stuff we buy is specialty shops here.

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Herman said...

I work for Ferrarini USA. If you have any questions regarding this product you can email me at Just a quick FYI. Ferrarini is the only company that is allowed to export/sell their salami to the US. Italian Salami is an item that has been banned in US for a long time because of Bacteria. Ferrarini has very expensive and very technologically advanced system that kills all bacteria in the salami making it available to be sold in the US.