Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hummus Place: Great Upper West Side Delivery

I have never actually been to the Hummus Place, which is located at 305 Amsterdam Avenue, between 74th and 75th Street (tel 212-799-3335): thanks to delivery, I will never actually have to go. But I can say that they have some of the best pita bread in NYC, as well as a limited but extremely tasty menu of Middle East favorites. They also have locations in the East Village (their first) and the West Village.

They have a limited menu, and I think at this time I have tried everything except the soup. My personal favorites include the falafel balls, which, although not as perfect as those that I ate once at the Bus Station in Beer Sheva, are pretty close. Grape leaves and masbacha are both good. My personal favorite is the hummus fava, which is exceptional. The addition of on overboiled sliced egg only increases the perfection of this dish. The lovely wife liked the masbacha as well as the hummus tahini. Shakshuka, a mixture of eggs, tomatoes and a white cheese called halumi, is an aquired taste. I happen to love it, but it does sort of taste like tomato sauce, eggs and cheese. I always get to eat the whole thing myself!

Desserts are good for a take out place and for Mid-Eastern food in general: but they are hard to eat after you get through all that hummus!

When you are sick of Chinese, Japanese, Chicken and Thai, go for the hummus place. Its worth it just for the pita (even the whole wheat is edible!)

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