Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Salame Cinghale or "Boar is More"

Our friends from London have returned (at least 3 out of the 4). The fourth one, a frequent traveler, has sent them to the US with several salamis for me to try. Ah, the joy of traveling friends. Today I am going to write about the first of these salami's: a mixture of wild boar and pork. Italians love wild boar, and although you can get a true Italian Cinghale Salame in the United States, its not easy. Even in Italy, some of the boar meat is imported from Central Europe. So receiving a Cinghale salami is a treat.

The salami itself is quite tasty. Like a good Italian Salami from the North (Tuscany, we think), the salami, in a natural casing, is not too acidic in taste. It was mildly chewy, but not overly so. This particular salami was a mixture of normal pork and boar, but there is still a noticeable, it subtle, difference in flavor. I am looking forward to getting back to Europe myself to try some of the other available brands. The salami was one of the tastiest pre-pack salami's I have eaten.

The New York Times had a recent article in their travel section on eating Wild Boar in Italy. Check it out. In terms of actually getting the stuff here, a Google search showed only one purveyor, diBruno. However, I will keep looking to see if there are others.

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