Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Willie B.'s BBQ: The Full (Smokey and Tasty) Picture

I have eaten at Willie B's BBQ in Bayshore three times now, and I have almost nothing but great things to say about it. The lovely wife has been calling when we get past the morass of traffic in mid Nassau County and we have been picking the food up on our way to the Ferry. Last Friday, we surprised the folks at Willie B by coming with our friend Robin. When the lady behind the counter saw both the lovely wife and Robin, she almost plotzed! Although Plotz may not be a word commonly heard at a place that sells pulled pork.

Willie B's, (631-206-2580 at 222 Fifth Avenue, Bayshore, NY) has perhaps the best ribs any of us eaten in the New York Metropolitan area. Although I prefer dry ribs in general, they do have an excellent wet ribs. Their burnt ends are some of the tastiest left-overs available, and demand to be eaten with a beer! Sliced brisket was quite good, although not as good as the ribs. The cubed brisket (which is second cut brisket) was excellent one time, but undersmoked a second time. Having said that, both times they were done perfectly in terms of moistness, etc. Sides were a hit with everyone: collards (lots of vinegar), regular and sweet potato fries, corn and even mac and cheese. The only disappointment in the whole mix was the pulled pork, which may have been because it was late in the day by the time we made it to Willie B's that night. Having said that, pulled chicken, which in a million years I never thought I would like, was terrific.

Willie B's will kill my diet most Friday nights between now and October. My tailor will smile, my cardiologist will frown, but I can live with both. The bar-b-cue is great.



Robin said...

Yes, we all crave this barbecue on a weekly (at least) basis. Ribs are superb, side dishes excellent, rest of meats generally strong but can be uneven. Kids love the fries.

Ira.B said...

You can also get them Friday night at the Inn Between in Ocean Bay Park!!!