Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ewephoria Aged Sheep's Milk Gouda

Our friends from London have become, for the week, a part of our friends from Fire Island. I do not think that we will become their friends from Bigbury on Sea next year but we should make it their way to go skiing. Anyway, when they came out, they brought several different kinds of cheese's from Murray's Cheese Shop at Grand Central Terminal. One of these cheeses is "Ewephoria," a aged sheep's milk Gouda from Holland.

Ewephoria was developed several years ago by CheeseLand, a Seattle based importer of Dutch Cheeses (source: SFGATE), who worked with a farm in Holland. The cheese, an aged gouda which is somewhat sweet, was developed for the American market. The cheese has an aged Gouda texture and mouthfeel, and also the pleasant aftertaste that aged Gouda tends to have. Although not "dessertlike" it really does have a different taste than traditional aged Gouda cheese. It also has a pretty good price.

Although I personally don't like the name, Ewephoria is a good cheese. The review in SFGate by Janet Fletcher is correct; it would taste best as a dessert cheese. Its mildly sweet taste would not be offset by a sweet dessert wine and it retains many of the qualities that I enjoy in a traditional aged Gouda.

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