Monday, August 20, 2007

Pineapple Slicers

I realized that besides grilling and eating cheese, there's something that we do a lot of here on Fire Island. No, still not that! Its grilling Pineapples! Now when we first started out doing this, we relied on a sharp knife and plenty of patience, but although the knife was fun, the patience started wearing a bit thin. Enter the pineapple slicer!! Dan bought two different kinds of pineapple slicers and we tried them out. Although both worked, and one has some advantages in terms of presentation, we both agreed on a clear favorite.

Vacuvin makes a pineapple slicer that consists of a handle and three different sized plastic blades. The slicer works like a pineapple corkscrew. You push down and turn the handle and get a continuous spiral of pineapple. Sort of like a pineapple curly fry. The advantage of the Vacuvin is that the pineapple shell is preserved, so you can use it as a drink holder or other decorative object. The multiple sizes of cutting blades are also a plus. The disadvantage is the cutting hole in which the pineapple passes clogs easily, leading to thinner and thinner slices as you screw down the pineapple. For most cooking purposes, this makes the device more of a problem than its worth. Although we got ours at Zabar's, if you Google the words "Vacuvin Pineapple Slicer" you will get a multitude of vendors willing to sell it to you.

The second device is pictured above. It has no name, and basically consists of two sharp metal wheels and a handle. Although its difficult to preserve the pineapple shell, it quickly cores a pineapple and removes it from the shell, allowing you to cut the slices to whatever thickness you desire. This slicer was available at Zabar's, and I could not find it anywhere on the internet.
Either way, you'll be fine. But the second corer, although it will kill the shell, will give you much more attractive and uniform fruit.

ADDENDUM: You can get the pineapple slicer right here online from Maui Pineapple


dubno said...

Dear Male Martha,
I have had a hard time trying to find a manufacturer on the web as well of the excellent metal pineapple corer but it is also available for sale here for $9.99 which is slightly more than it cost at Zabar's:

Also we should report that the recipe has been enhanced by using 3/4 cup Malibu Rum and a splash of Triple Sec instead of using tequila. We also had superior effects using Hains Natural Turbinado Sugar instead of pure white cane. You can really taste the flavor of the islands!

One of the great advantages of the corers for the pineapple is that we get to use the natural juice in the marinade. Now, once we have mixed all of the ingredients in the baste, we add the pineapple juice and submerge the pineapple slices in the liquid as a marinade. It soaks in nicely and when ready to grill the pineapple, there's still plenty of baste left for use on the grill. I toss the cooked pineapples back in the baste syrup, and then pour the juice over the ice cream.

Oh, don't let anyone put any ice cream other than vanilla on the grilled pineapple because it's just a waste. (I'm thinking of creating a rasberry syrup instead of the pineapple-baste next time. Probably "gilding the lilly" as it will mix vanilla ice cream, grilled pineapple, and yet another sweet flavor... but I hope it works! Oh, it's time to try grilling pears or peaches with ice cream next. Cross your fingers...)

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