Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Humboldt Fog: A "New" American Classic Chevre from Cypress Grove

Its clear to me looking over the posts from the past few months that we spend the better part of the summer grilling and eating cheese. What? And you can think of anything better to do?? Considering that this is a PG rated blog! I thought not.

Sorry, I digress. Back to the cheese at hand. The lovely wife has purchased several pieces of Humboldt Fog Chevre, from Cypress Grove Chevre. The company, which makes 13 different kinds of goat's milk cheese, was founded in California by Mary Keehn in 1983. Humboldt Fog is their signature product. The cheese has a layer of ash in the middle, which gives it a rather nifty appearance. Like many Cypress Grove cheeses, it is quite smooth in texture and a bit tangy. The Cypress Grove Website suggests things to pair the cheese with, although I think our general consensus was to pair it with fig preserves (I do not have the brand at the moment, but I will post this later). The cheese has a soft rind and it ripens from the outside, so you have a rather fresh center with a somewhat runny outside. All in all, Cypress Grove Chevre's Humboldt Fog is a great summer cheese.

We got ours at Zabar's (natch), but it is widely available at gourmet stores.

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