Sunday, August 12, 2007

Shockingly Good Vinegar Marinade for Chicken Breasts

Tonight we had an excellent dinner with our friends and Uncle. Although steak was the main item on the menu, I was also asked to grill some chicken breasts. I fear chicken breasts: the line between raw, perfect, and burned mess is rather fine. In medicine we call this the "therapeutic index. Chicken breasts have a very narrow therapeutic index indeed. One thing that I have found is that a good marinade will help control cooking, allowing you to make sure that the chicken is cooked through while avoiding dried out food. Tonight I made a remarkably simple marinade, marinated the chicken only briefly, and was shocked at how good the results tasted. To be honest with you, so were most of the people at the table. I share it with you now. I don't have a photo, but the final product looks liked grilled chicken breasts (duh).


Chicken breasts, pounded down with a tenderizer or your hand so that they are even, but not "thin"

3/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup white vinegar +
half of a squeezed lime
one tablespoon salt +
dash of Tabasco sauce


Good hot grill with cover


combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Place the breasts in the mix and leave for about 15 minutes or so. Heat the grill.
Shake off any excess marinade from the chicken prior to placing on the grill. Oil will flame, and the less you have the better. Place the breasts on the grill, make sure there isn't too much fire, and cover, which will further limit flaming. If you want perfect grill marks, turn the chicken breast 60 degrees or so after cooking a few minutes. Flip them when they are white up to the top. Again, watch out for flame out and be prepared to cover the grill. After a few minutes, you can do another 60 degree turn for perfect griddle marks on both sides. The breasts are ready when just firm to the touch.

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dubno said...

Ira has done it again! This is really a superior recipe and we have used it repeatedly for excellent chicken breasts. Just for fun we added rosemary to the marinade and we also experimented with half white and half balsamic vinegar... both to superior effect. Ira, you do good breasts!