Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rangers Win 2-0: Lundqvist Saving Them and Dawes says "Hello"

The excitement of Mac Leopard coming out tomorrow is almost too much for me to bear, but then I remember that I am a real man, and as such like hockey. Anyway, I should have the new OS installed in time for Saturday's game.

But I digress. Tonight was a great game. Lundqvist had a shutout, saving 22 goals. This was particularly important because the only light in the Rangers anemic (and expensive) offense is rookie Nigel Dawes, who scored both Rangers goals. And, giving hope to short hockey players everywhere, he is only 5' 8"!! But happy as I am that Lundqvist and a rookie were able to lead the team to victory, it would be nice to see all of those high priced acquisitions, particularly Drury and Gomez, perform. The Rangers are still firmly in the East basement at 3 wins/5 losses. Until some offense develops from the veterans, its going to be a real long season.

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