Saturday, November 03, 2007

Rangers Beat Devils: Lundqvist Saves Them

If its a win, its all about the goalie. That pretty sums up the Rangers' season to date. Despite purchasing all of that high powered offense, the Rangers are relying on Henrik Lundqvist to essentially be perfect all of the time. This came through again tonight when the Rangers, playing a weak NJ Devils team, only managed to score one goal. Having said that, Martin Brodeur was as brilliant as ever in goal for New Jersey. Fortunately, the Rangers have Lundqvist, and the devils only scored one goal during regulation as well. There was no score during the 5 minute overtime, and the teams ended up in a shootout. Prucha scored the only goal of the shoot out, and the Rangers won. Not pretty, but it was a W.

Several other Ranger things to note as we are now a month into the season. The first is that the new scoreboard is clearly just another annoying revenue producer for the ethical and upstanding owners of Madison Square Garden. The thing is a non-stop ad machine, especially in between periods. Blech.

They no longer have the excellent Ranch 1 fries: just standard issue waffle cuts. Its a shame.

Harp is clearly the best beer to get from the little beer garden to the right of the Tower A escalator near gate 72. Given how much you pay for any beer, it clearly worth the extra dollar.

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