Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rangers Finally Beat Islanders

There were a lot of Islanders fans at the game tonight. After the 0-3 run that the Rangers have had, they all seemed to have wangled tickets to see the Rangers fall again. But it was not to happen. The Rangers won conclusively 4-2 tonight, with excellent goaltending by Lundqvist and Jagr playing extremely well (although he does look like a 36 year old man playing a game predominated by guys in their early twenties). Brandon Dubinsky scored a goal, as did Jagr and Chris Drury, who has been on a mini-tear recently. The schadenfreude of seeing all those dejected Islanders fan as I went through the LIRR station on my way to the IRT is a guilty pleasure I am still savoring.

I am no longer linking to the Rangers, as the website no longer seems to work. Their new general website is, which appears to be part of the NHL's effort to have a more uniform look and feel for each teams website. The problem is that is totally dead, and trying to go there generates the dreaded "no URL" error. I will start relinking next week if the current website appears to have permanent links.

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