Monday, November 26, 2007

Comings and Goings on The Upper West Side

Today, I noticed that La Grand Esquina, the barber shop on 81st Street and Amsterdam that has been around seemingly forever, is closed. Its barbers have all moved a bit further uptown and the place is for rent. Hopefully it will not be a bank, and I am hoping its not a fourth sushi restaurant.

Columbus Bakery on 83rd Street and Columbus (duh) is undergoing renovations. The permits appear to confirm this, so I don't think they are closing.

Finally, the Funky Diner has been replaced on Columbus with "Cafe Blossom," which appears to be Kosher. I was returning with Boy 1 from Hebrew School when I noticed it and he was in no mood for me to peruse the menu. If anyone knows anything, let me know.


Robin said...

Blossom has another outpost downtown, and is organic vegan.

Ira.B said...