Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rangers Lose To Dallas: No Offense Getting Offensive

No picture from section 314 today. I forgot my camera, and my cell phone takes lousy pictures at the Garden. But then again, there was really nothing to photograph. The Rangers lost 3-2 in what their official website described as a "nailbiter" but which everyone else described as no offense and three defensive screwups leading to a Dallas victory. Mike Smith, Dallas' 25 year old backup goalie, had an impressive 39 saves, although, to those of us in the stands, the shots were not particularly impressive for the most part. The Rangers defense made several mistakes, allowing the stars to have a clear shot towards Lundqvist, who was also not up to his usual brilliance and could not save the rest of the team as he has been doing.

Finally, the MSG people dissed "Dancing Larry" by letting him dance but not putting him on the Jumbotron... yet somehow they let "Dancing Granny" go. Larry rules!!!

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