Sunday, December 23, 2007

Grate Parmesan With a Rasp

I would like to thank our friend Lauren for this trick. I have usually grated Parmesan cheese with either a grater or with a mini-prep. Watching me do this in her house in Connecticut yesterday, Lauren let out a hearty laugh and informed me that she had a better way to grate Parmesan: despite my shock that anybody could know anything I didn't it turns out she was correct. Using a rasp, which she purchased in a hardware store (cheap!), we were quickly and efficiently able to grate a cup of Parmesan for dinner. Rasps are also useful for zests and for grating other hard things such as chocolate, ginger or garlic. You can buy them at your local cooking store, or at Home Depot.


Robin said...

I, too, am shocked that there are any tricks left for MM to discover. Apparently Connecticut is for other things, too.

Ira.B said...

Not only that, but the lovely mother in law informed me via email that zabars sells them. My bad.