Thursday, December 20, 2007

Virgil's Before The Theater: Its There...

There is something about seeing theater that brings up my snarkiness: at least in print. While Young Frankenstein, which we saw last night, was terrific, our meal at Virgil's, the barbecue place owned by Alicart, the giant borg that also owns Carmines and Artie's, was some of the least tasty barbecue I have had in a quite a long time. Dry brisket, dry ribs, and sugary chicken. Side dishes that are bland and mushy (except for the fries, which were fine). Dessert, which came late despite our pleadings that we had to go to a show, was inedible. At least we didn't have time to consume such a terrible source of calories.

I remember it being better in the past, so this may just be a toursit season snafu. But it may also be that the relative abundance of decent barbecue in NYC has sensitized all of us to how bad bad barbecue can be.

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