Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rangers Beat Canadiens in OT: Tres Bien!

First of all, let me say how impressed I am at the number of Montreal Canadien fans I saw at tonights game: I blame the weak dollar for making it too cheap for the citizens of Quebec not to come to NYC. Second of all, I am glad the Rangers beat the Canadiens in overtime: the last thing I want to see at a hockey game is hordes of screaming French speaking people wearing red: it reminds me too much of a Paris Transit strike. Thankfully, I only witnessed one fight (and I am glad my children did not understand enough French to catch the profanity), making the overall experience much safer than a Flyers game.

The game itself was fantastic. The Rangers came back from a 3-2 deficit to tie the game with a beautiful goal by Chris Drury. This was after the video review overlords in Toronto took away a goal on a Drury shot that supposedly didn't completely get into the goal. This amazing comeback was capped off by a magnificent shot by Shanahan at 1:06 in overtime.

Two other notes. We ate before the game at Fat Annie's Truck Stop. You shouldn't. It was inedible. Boy 1 still insists that we should eat at Stout (we had originally wanted to go there but it was packed and they sent us to F.A.T.S because they own that, too). Despite the horrible food at Annies, I'm still willing to give Stout a go, but I'm not enthusiastic.

The second is that boy 2 received a Flip for his birthday. As you can see, I can't shoot video for the life of me, but it is really easy to use, and it does give you a real sense of the view from section 314. I have uploaded the video of the Rangers celebrating their victory...hopefully I will be able to use the video in iMovie soon, although it doesn't appear to work without converting the file to QuickTime format.

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