Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Thai Market Thai Restaurant: We Finally Found It!

The lovely wife and I finally made it to Market Thai.  After being told by several people about the excellent new Thai restaurant at 107th street, we managed to eat at two other uptown Thai's that were clearly on nobody's "good" Thai list.  Then there was the time when we couldn't get into the restaurant, located at 960 Amsterdam Avenue (212-280-4575), and we ended up having a great meal at Awash.  So on New Year's eve, with both of us escaping from work early, we scooted up to Thai Market.  The restaurant is very roomy and attractive for an inexpensive place, and our service was quite good.  But, since they don't deliver downtown the question remains: is it worth a twenty five block journey back?

I think it is.  The food is fresh, tasty, and has different flavors than Land Thai, which is a mere two blocks from our house.  As you can see from the photo, it is also quite attractive.  The food is somewhat less sweet than it is at Land.  Some of it is quite good, such as the Pad Thai and the Pad Kee Moa (spicy noodles with chicken and vegetables).  The larb, a favorite of the lovely wife, was not great.  The Thai coffee was extremely sweet, which may be authentic but was also a bit cloying.

So, all in all, Thai Market is quite good, and for those who live in Morningside Hights, clearly a cut above the current offering of Thai restaurants in the neighborhood.  I personally would return there, if only to try the curry dishes.  And if they delivered to me, I would get it.


labkid32 said...

so glad you finally made it up to Thai Kitchen and that you liked it ... we like it a lot too.

Ira.B said...

then we shall eat there again. let the lw know!