Thursday, January 03, 2008

Eating in Okemo I: Wicked Good Pizza

Greetings from Okemo, in extra cold Vermont. While I understand NY is cold as well, the bracing minus 4 this morning is nothing to sneeze at. Oh, yeah, and the wind. Next year, the beach.

Enough complaining for now. The one advantage of the cold is that I deserve all of the calories that I eat, which is good, because last night we ate at Wicked Good Pizza, in downtown Ludlow. The night before, after an agonizing 7 hour drive in a snowstorm, we had eaten at one of the Okemo-Jackson Gore Restaurants, which while convenient, was relatively expensive and no great shakes. In their defense, the lousy weather also meant that they served more than twice the number of meals they were expecting too.

Back to Wicked Good: while it is not the best pizza I have ever eaten, it is quite good. In addition to pizza, they also have good grinders and calzones. If you eat there, you get a cup, which you can fill as much as you like with fountain soda. If you're not driving, they have beer.

Wicked Good Pizza delivers to the Ludlow area, which is good because its major weakness is a lack of seats, which can be a real issue on the weekend. Calling ahead a picking up is probably the best option on crowded weekends and holidays.


Mr. Cheese said...

That looks alot more tastier than the frozen pizza's I usually get.
recently I have tried to make my own pizza, but most of them ended up in the trash can.
One day I will get it right.

Ira.B said...

actually, that is from wicked good, and is just pizza in a frozen place.