Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rangers Beyond Terrible: Look Tired in Second Loss to Bruins in Two Days

I would like my (other) friend Robin for helping me move down to the expensive seats for the third period of todays 3-1 rout of the Rangers by the hapless, but not as hapless as the Rangers, Boston Bruins. I got to see the lackluster Rangers up close: where you see the lack of concentration and the general lack of purpose. Although Jagr claimed that they were "outsmarted" by the relatively young Bruins, in fact they were outplayed by a team that had clear flaws themselves. The crowd, which because of the large number of kids, is always a little soft on Sunday Afternoons, totally lost interest through the first period. When Brandon Dubinsky ruined the Bruids shutout with less than a minute remaining, it was the first time I was sure that the off key singing of the "Goal" song was in fact partially from a can. There was almost no one left in the stands to sing!

The Rangers have two games at home this week, both against Atlanta. Hopefully, things will improve!

Let's Go Giants!!

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