Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rangers Finally Win: I Eat Kosher Before Game

Yes, the Rangers Finally won. A shut out, no less, in an exciting 4-0 win against the Atlanta Thrashers. OK, under normal circumstances it would have been a somewhat dull game. But a W is a W. On a less exciting note, Thursday is Leech night, where the former defensemen's number 2 will be retired in an extremely long ceremony. I am taking the boys, but, Stanley Cup in 1994 or not, will be coming late. Sports is fun: long winded ceremonies about sports are not. I went to Messier night in 2005; you would think the geniuses who run MSG would have learned. Oh yeah, I guess not.

But onto to the Kosher food. As many of you know, I had more than a passing interest in kosher in my childhood. And tonight I took my father (Martha Senior? Big Martha? So many inappropriate choices) to the game and we went for dinner beforehand. Given this, the Blarney Stone was not going to do. So we at Mr. Broadway Kosher Deli (and Sushi), which is located at 1372 Broadway (38th Street) 10018. Their telephone is 212-921-2152. The place, which is large and roomy, was full of orthodox Ranger's fans in the hour before the game. This included a friend of mine I had not seen in years. Besides the sushi, which I didn't try, they have a veritable Greek diner sized menu of traditional Eastern European and Mid-Eastern favorites, as well as hamburgers, fries, etc. I ate the Schwarma (a guilty pleasure and the Kosher version of "the other white meat") while dad went for wings, and beef ribs. I also looked around at what others were eating. In my opinion, stick with the Mid-Eastern items, they looked fresh and the schwarma was actually good. I also had fries, which were acceptable.

If you are going to Madison Square Garden for an event, and need to eat at a kosher restaurant beforehand, I would recommend Mr. Broadway. It was large and clean, reasonably priced for kosher, and the Mediterranean dishes looked good. One bad note: they serve wine and beer but were out of beer!!! It was then that I truly knew I was not at the Blarney Stone!

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